What is self-love?

When it comes to loving ourselves, it can be difficult and we have all been there. When you do not love who you are it can be challenging, and I myself am still trying to fully be there. I try to find one thing I like about myself a day, I try to avoid saying … More What is self-love?

Talking All Things T’Swift…

Alright, I know you… you either like her or you don’t, and maybe my blog post is going to be bias because I love her to death — sorry (just kidding, I’m not sorry).

For years Taylor has been attacked by celebrities and the press. In every way, it is out of jealousy. I literally just googled “Taylor Swift Haters” and “People who have drama with Taylor Swift” and every reason people have for disliking her is full of BS. … More Talking All Things T’Swift…


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